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Here Are 19 Photos Of The World's Most Beautiful People

Warning: Drink water before scrolling.

Apparently the world's most beautiful people all hang out together, because we saw them living their best lives this weekend at Afropunk.

1. Like, he has perfect hair, freckles, AND chiseled cheekbones.

2. Her skin + her smile + her existence = our endless joy.

3. These besties showed up and showed OUT with their Bantu knots and braids.

4. Notice how this carefree soul is standing in direct sunlight, golden and unbothered.

5. 😍Platinum blonde and melanin? Please catch us as we faint.

6. Never have we ever seen more perfectly plump lips and stunning white curls.

7. Her purple reign ruled over us all.

8. This slight smirk, low cut, and orange lipstick so effortlessly serving the kidz, tho.

9. She dipped her already sparkling melanin in gold shimmer, and we willfully handed her our edges.

10. These gorge silver curls remind everyone of what glory actually looks like.

11. We may or may not still be dreaming about him and these locs.

12. Just in case you forgot, it's always a good day for rainbow spirals and sun-kissed skin.

13. She's such a force, the light just follows wherever she leads.

14. This face and smile can instantly make anything better.

15. So incredibly stunning, we're convinced she's of another world.

16. Ladies and gents, this is what happens when flower power and black power collide.

17. How's one's hue so rich and radiant?! Please DM us the keys.

18. It's the only way to pose when you look this good.

19. All we want is to sit in her presence. Every day. Forever.