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    Nov 22, 2016

    This One Guy Can Literally Transform Into Any Celebrity And It's Scarily Good

    Kylie Jenner to Yoncé, Lil Ced can do it all.

    This is Cedric Maddox, aka @lilced08, and he can literally re-create ANY celebrity look!

    @lilced08 / Via

    We were at a total loss for words when he pulled off this spot-on photo of Kylie Jenner for Paper magazine.

    And somehow, he even managed to nail Blac Chyna's maternity shoot for Elle...even down to the tattoos.

    This Kim K look, tho?! One word, two syllables: STUN. NING!

    It's not every day that one can match Rihanna, our generation's most prominent fashion icon. But for Lil Ced, it's NOTHING!

    We knew his skill was too real, though, when we couldn't tell who was The Queen and who was Ced in this side-by-side. They're basically twins.

    Again, WHO IS WHO???

    Seriously, we can't think of a better way to honor Solange's iconic cover art for A Seat at the Table.

    And if you think he's limited to only channeling celeb women, think again, because he KILT this Young Thug moment!

    Tbh, if you can transform into THEE Tina Turner, you can transform into anyone.

    Even Blue Ivy!


    Follow him, @lilced08, to see more looks!