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Gabrielle Union Looks EXACTLY The Same At Age 42 As She Did At 26

This is deeper than #blackdontcrack, y'all.

Gabrielle Union's face has literally not aged a day since our adolescent youthhood.

Brian Killian / Getty Images

Here she is 16 years ago in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

And even though Union played a high school real life she was TWENTY-FRIGGIN-SIX!

Almost 27! Reason 4,856 we have trust issues.

One year later, Union starred as Isis, captain of the East Compton Clovers in the best cheer movie of all time, Bring It On . / Via

Show of hands for every black girl who tried out for the squad after this.


And in 2007, she played the ultimate boss chick/independent woman in Daddy's Little Girls. / Via

Hey, Idris 😍.

Don't you find it just a taaad bit fishy that she looks the EXACT same in all three of these movies?

Touchstone Pictures

Sum'n ain't calculatin'.

What's even crazier is that she STILL looks like this at 42 years old!

There is no way a mere mortal could defy the laws of physics like this.

D Dipasupil / Getty Images

What could possibly be her secret?

The only possible explanation is that Gabz is not a human being.

Because THIS is deeper than #blackdontcrack, people.

THIS is more than a face mask and moisturizer.

Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

THIS is literally perfection.

Paul Morigi / Getty Images

Our only prayer is that the next time a strand from her premium bundle strays and falls from the glory that is her head, it glides its way through the gusty winds and gently brushes against our faces.

Screen Gems / Via


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