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    19 Dramatic Hair Transformations That Prove Curly Hair Is Amazing AF

    These 'dos make every curl struggle worth it.

    1. Let's take a second to admire these perfectly wound ringlets.

    @analidialopess / Via /

    2. And this straight blonde to spiraled red transformation, too.

    @andreaschoice / Via /

    3. The way in which she went from blow-out to coiled puff with a halo, tho? LIT!

    @prettylittlefro / Via /

    4. Please hold momentarily as we gather ourselves from the slayage of these gray spirals.

    @euninagabriella / Via /

    5. Who knew curls this perfect were even possible?!

    @mydiamondsandg0ld / Via /

    6. This beauty with her voluminous blow-out and tightly-coiled Afro has us on all kinds of swoon.

    Tolani A.V / @ tolaniav / Via /

    7. And this sleek blue to curly berry makeover is what you call sorcery, dahlings.

    @naturallytash / Via /

    8. Like, between her flawless skin and jumbo spirals we legit can't take it 😍.

    @ishateria / Via /

    9. Because some days you just wanna play, and other days you wanna SLAY!

    @afrodominican79 / Via /

    10. These silvery-white curls are precisely why you need a bae who can do both!

    @ _luanbarcelos / Via /

    Also, someone give him a toothpaste commercial. Thx.

    11. Real talk, we can't stop staring at these currrrrrrrrrrrls!

    @thatamaiden / Via /

    12. When your magic knows no bounds and you can do it all.

    @todecrespa / Via

    13. A boisterous "YES!" to every decision this unicorn mermaid soul has ever made.

    @mahouduck / Via /

    14. Both of these 'dos are, in the words of Joanne, iconic. Truly.

    @curlpop_n_hair / Via

    15. When your 'fro is the shit so you start feeling yourself.

    @kikiblahblah / Via /

    16. Our number one goal in life is to have super lustrous curls and perfectly cooperative baby hairs, thanks to this hero.

    @jimeikadenise / Via /

    17. Here. Take our edges. Have them.

    @mandajesspanda / Via /

    18. Straight to curly, brown to purple. Basically, she can do anything.

    @askproy / Via /

    19. And this straight orange to blonde knot-out is simply life-giving.

    @beautifulbginnings / Via /