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    Baby Bangs Are Back According To Pinterest So Here's Some Inspiration

    Literally just a bunch of super fly ppl rocking cropped bangs on Pinterest to give us some much needed hair inspo.

    Remember that short period when Beyoncé was rocking even shorter bangs? Well, the polarizing hair trend is back! There was a 51% search increase for "cropped bangs" on Pinterest, and now is the perfect time to try the style we weren't bold enough to try the first go round.

    1. We love how these are giving us long, but still cropped. It's the gateway to full commitment.

    2. But like, no judgment if a faux baby bang is more your speed bc why commit if you don't have to?!

    3. Literally pass us the scissors and the platinum hair dye immediately because 😍😍😍.

    4. Tbh, this fierce 'do is our mood all 2019!!!

    5. Super appreciative of these 60s vibes.

    6. Who knew short bangs and bobs would be such a power couple?!

    7. It's all so straight and sleek and precise and this is the definition of perfect.

    8. Ooh, ice blue AND a cropped bang. Your fave could NEVER!

    9. A plot twist is when you rock braids, and beads, and baby bangs, and shut. it. dowwwwwwwn.

    10. And again because we deserve to see this twice!

    11. *sigh* Versatility is truly everything.

    12. You can still do cropped bangs if you have locs, and here's proof!

    13. You can also twist your locs for a plumper bang.

    14. This is the level of cool we're striving to reach.

    15. Ahhh! A throwback to that time Rihanna confirmed that cropped bangs are stylish.

    16. So we're into a messy-chic and textured bang just as much as we're into a precise and sleek one.

    17. The only thing better than one hair trend is TWO hair trends! Get into this asymmetrical cut and cropped bang.