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    15 Easy Protective Styles You Can Do Even If You Suck At Hair

    Because box braids aren't the move if you have fine hair.

    1. Praise hands for these jumbo braids 🙌.

    @charmsie / Via

    Jumbo braids are a good alternative to box braids because they're lighter and create less tension on your hair. The key is to part your hair off into very large sections. Note that if you braid really tight, the braids will be more stiff. For more swing, braid loose enough so that your hair moves.

    Watch how she adds in braiding hair in this video.

    2. Fan bun on deck.

    @naturally_zeze / Via

    If your hair is especially fine or delicate, pull it up into a ponytail, braid only the ends so that when you tuck them into your band, the hair is stronger and less likely to break.

    Watch this easy tutorial here to get the look.

    3. Yaaas to these oh so regal bantu knots!

    4. Literally here for every part of this bun hawk.

    Kay Glamazon / Via

    Horizontally part your hair into three sections, secure each one with a hair tie, and wrap the loose hair into a bun. Add in braiding hair for more fullness. Or, you can actually buy a bun hawk unit like this beauty is wearing. (I know, looks sooooo real!)

    See how she attaches the bun hawk here.

    5. Our moment to channel Sade has finally arrived, thanks to this knotted low ponytail!

    @sashabasha2 / Via

    This look may be the easiest. Slick all of your hair back into a low ponytail, and secure small hair elastics all the way down, with space in between each. Braid the end piece of hair and tuck it into a band. Add braiding hair if you REALLY want to get your Sade on!

    Note that this is not an everyday style, as the elastics will weaken your hair over time.

    6. It just doesn't get more elegant than a faux donut, amirite?!

    @traeh / Via

    To get this jumbo donut, pull your natural hair up into a bun or puff, and simply attach Marley hair to it and wrap it around. If necessary, you can put your hair up into two puffs, close together, and wrap the hair around both of them. The more Marley hair, the bigger the bun.

    Check out this easy how-to video.

    7. The chunky two-strand halo literally works for any occasion.

    @itsmebfairley / Via

    As you get closer to the bottom of each twist, you can twist straight down, unattached from the head. Pull the hanging ends to the back of your head, and secure them with bobby pins.

    In her tutorial, B. Fairley says not to worry about any lumps. You can easily pin them down.

    8. Kahlo is shining her goddess light on these Frida buns.

    @chimejmoody / Via

    First make two high pigtails, and then make each one into a fan bun. Add a few loc cuffs to give it something extra.

    Watch her very quick step-by-step video.

    9. Crown braids for all the QUEEEEEENS!

    MissCharmise / Via

    Separate your hair into two low pigtails. Add in braiding hair if your natural hair isn't long enough to wrap around your head. Braid the loose ends all the way down, and wrap them around to the front of the head, one at a time, securing each with bobby pins.

    See how she added in the gold ribbons and pearls here.

    10. Scarves are for those days we just cant, a.k.a. Mondays.

    kilahmazing / Via

    For full protection, or when you're having a lazy hair day, try a cute scarf. If your hair is long, wrap it into a doobie or do two-strand twists and tuck them so that it stays put while you're tying the scarf.

    Check out this beauty's video, "4 Quick & EASY Headwrap/Turban Styles," here on her YouTube channel. For this look, skip to 1:40.

    11. Wigs every day, all day.

    @outre_hair / Via

    If you really want to wear your hair out, but need to give your ends a break, remember that wigs are always a good option. They're way less stress on your hair than sew-ins, and the options are endless.

    Get this same wig here for $33.29.

    12. But do you see the details in this low bun with braids, tho?

    @sashabasha2 / Via /

    Part your hair in the middle, from the front to the crown. Take the parted sections and braid each one. Pull the loose hair into a ponytail, and tuck or pin the loose ends into a bun. Pull back each braid to the side, crossing them around the bun. Tuck the ends of the braids.

    13. Chunky goddess braids never get old.

    @kersti. pitre / Via

    You can achieve this look braiding inward or outward. If your hair is curly, wet it first, detangle, and then blow dry semi-straight. Chunky braids don't last as long as smaller braids, but this is a really quick protective style so it takes little time to redo them.

    Watch her four minute tutorial.

    14. But if you can't cornrow or braid to the head, braided pigtails are where it's at!

    @charmsie / Via

    After parting your hair, you can add braiding hair to your hair ties for some added length.

    Add in braiding hair using this same technique in number one.

    15. Afro puffs to buns because growing up is overrated.

    @thesmartista / Via

    Part your hair down the middle and make two puffs or pig tails. Tuck the loose hair into the ponytail holders. And DON'T forget to lay those baby hairs!

    Good luck, and save. those. EDGES!

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