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    15 Easy Protective Styles You Can Do Even If You Suck At Hair

    Because box braids aren't the move if you have fine hair.

    1. Praise hands for these jumbo braids 🙌.

    2. Fan bun on deck.

    3. Yaaas to these oh so regal bantu knots!

    4. Literally here for every part of this bun hawk.

    5. Our moment to channel Sade has finally arrived, thanks to this knotted low ponytail!

    6. It just doesn't get more elegant than a faux donut, amirite?!

    7. The chunky two-strand halo literally works for any occasion.

    8. Kahlo is shining her goddess light on these Frida buns.

    9. Crown braids for all the QUEEEEEENS!

    10. Scarves are for those days we just cant, a.k.a. Mondays.

    11. Wigs every day, all day.

    12. But do you see the details in this low bun with braids, tho?

    13. Chunky goddess braids never get old.

    14. But if you can't cornrow or braid to the head, braided pigtails are where it's at!

    15. Afro puffs to buns because growing up is overrated.

    Good luck, and save. those. EDGES!