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    Literally Just A Bunch Of Candles To Light When The World Gets Too Dark

    Sometimes self-care is in the little things.

    1. Kendra Scott Amethyst that smells like the fragrance of a VERY wealthy socialite.

    @kendrascott / Via

    Get it from Kendra Scott for $25. Check out all the candles here.

    2. LIT Brooklyn 1989 that appeals to your masculine and feminine sides with its almond and patchouli whiffs.

    Get it from Lit Brooklyn for $30.

    3. Harlem Candle Co. Langston if you love the smell of jasmine and sandalwood.

    @harlemcandlecompany / Via

    Get it from Harlem Candle Co. for $45.

    4. Goop "forbidden spices and holy woods"-scented Edition 03 because we don't have time for negative energy.

    Get it from Goop for $72.

    5. Gavin Luxe Oshun Goddess for love, beauty and sensual vibes in every aspect of our lives.

    @gavinluxe / Via

    Get it from Gavin Luxe for $32.

    6. 125 Collection fresh water and citrus She Needed a Hero... because FAAAAAAAACTS!!!

    @the125collection / Via

    Get it from The 125 Collection for $35.

    7. Southern Elegance Sweet Tea for a wholesome and refreshing escape from the madness.

    Get it from Southern Elegance Sweet Tea Candle Co. for $20.

    8. Bath & Body Works Frosted Cupcake because who doesn't want to smell baked goods at all times?!

    Get it from Bath & Body Works for $22.50.

    9. And Simply Scent Bundt Cake because same reason.

    Get it from Simply Scent for $15.

    10. Pontie Wax Sweet Basil + Thyme that'll make you wanna grow your own veggie garden.

    April Rushin / Pontie Wax

    Get it from Pontie Wax for $10.

    11. Posh Candle Co. vanilla and citronella Fuck Boy Repellent to keep the scrubs away.

    Get it from Posh Candle Co. for $18.

    12. Believe By Michelle Williams Intrigue Essential Oils if you wanna inhale the sweet notes of "musky amber with hints of rose."

    Get it from Believe by Michelle Williams for $49.

    13. Yankee Candle Color Me Happy because joy is our birthright, plus we love the smell of mangoes and peaches.

    @yankeecandle / Via

    Get it from Yankee Candle for $19.99.

    14. J&L Candles Fresh Linen because it's arguably one of the most relaxing scents in the world.

    @jlcandlesllc / Via

    Get it from J&L Candles for $6-$12.

    15. Choose Your Bliss Marcoza with tropical fruit notes if the warmer months are your faves.

    @chooseyourbliss / Via

    Get it from Choose Your Bliss for $38.

    16. Illume Coconut Milk Mango for a fresh scent and some fancy home decor.

    Get it from Illlume for $32.

    17. And Allapattah Candle Co. Cannabis Flower to end things on a high note.

    David Van Der Laan / Allapattah Candle Co

    Get it from Allapattah Candle Co. for $15.