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    #BlackSalonProblems Is Basically The Cliffs Notes Version Of What Happens At Black Hair Salons

    You: "The perm is burning." Your stylist: "That means it's working."

    #BlackSalonProblems shut down the internet last year with hilarious tweets summing up every black woman's experience when she gets her hair done.

    When your stylist come in 35 minutes late, with food talkin bout "You Ready?" #blacksalonproblems

    @IAmT_Synquist / Via Twitter: @search

    The hashtag just resurfaced and black women are bonding by retweeting the oh-so-real hilariousness, and coming up with new tweets to flood our TLs once more.

    Your version of straightened hair vs the stylist version of straightened hair #blacksalonproblems

    Like this unfortunate circumstance that happens when the hair isn't included in your style.

    Worst feeling ever #BlackSalonProblems

    And this moment when you just wanna dunk your head in the Atlantic.

    #blacksalonproblems 🤦🏽‍♀️ *30 minutes after perm application* Me: "It's burning" Stylist: "That means it's working"…

    *sigh* No greater shame than when you get caught slippin' because you thought it was gonna be a chill day.

    A fine man walks in so you just sit there ugly with a shower cap on like you don't see him #blacksalonproblems 😭😂

    One of the very first lies we ever told.

    “You like it?" Me: yes *me in the car* #blacksalonproblems

    Sticking with your stylist bc she's that fire, even tho she does your enemy's hair too.

    That feeling of voicelessness bc you know your stylist will snap if you speak up for yourself ... or your edges.

    Watching your stylist flat iron the same section of hair 8,547 times #blacksalonproblems

    You'll never know this level of stress and worry unless you've lived it.

    When your hair is already dry but the stylist needs to buy some time.

    When they put you under the dryer and then start on Keisha's sew-in. #blacksalonproblems

    Conflict: Wanting the hair dresser to stop talking and finish your hair, but also low-key being there for the tea.

    #blacksalonproblems when your hair dresser auntie come to spill tea she stops at every point in the story like

    Raise your hand if a hairstyle ever added 53 years to your life.

    This has got to be the truest kermit Eva! 😂😥 #growingupblack #blacksalonproblems


    Dryers. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

    When your neck and ear on burning #blacksalonproblems

    What you wanna yell to the top of your lungs when your stylist overbooks.

    When you realize the first shall be last. 4 appointments at the same time and 2 of which are relaxers! 👀…

    Trying not to cry when you realize you have about another 45 minutes to go like:

    When you're getting braids & think you have 2 braids left & your stylist splits it into 10 #blacksalonproblems

    For every ear burn that turned into a brown scab and made us stronger.

    When you're under the dryer and the clips from the rollers touch your ear #blacksalonproblems

    The moment you realize you just got played, but your hair hella thick so you can't even be mad.

    When she quotes you $35 then hits you w/ the $25 up charge cause your hair is "too thick" #blacksalonproblems

    Still can't shake this tragic memory we'd rather forget.

    When you thought you'd look like the girl on the Just For Me box vs. what really happened #blacksalonproblems

    But it makes for great stories when we meet another black girl who went through it, too.

    in case you thought we were reaching, this is a real episode of Arthur, probably the realest. #blacksalonproblems


    After 9 hours you're finally finished and preparing to send your mom a selfie #blacksalonproblems