Beyoncé Called Lil Kim "The Original Queen B" And Recreated Five Of Her Looks, And We Can't Deal

    "Hip Hop would not be the same without our original Queen B."

    Y'all, Beyoncé just transformed into not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE Lil Kim looks, and we don't know howta ACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

    Friday evening, the Lemonade singer took to her website to post the ~lewks~ honoring the "Crush On You" rapper for Halloween.

    And not only did she post these spot-on recreations of iconic Kim moments, but she also referred to her as "the original Queen B." *Please excuse us as we cry over this empowering queen-to-queen moment.*

    It wasn't long before Lil Kim, who also dropped her new single "Took Us A Break" today, posted the pics. She wrote, "Lawwwwddddd, my wig is all the way in China!!! SLAYED 😻 You did that B!" in this side-by-side's caption.

    The pic that REALLY shook the Internet, tho, was this spin on the unforgettable sheer bodysuit and fur number The Original Queen B wore 18 years ago.

    And we can't forget the infamous neon fur and bikini, Chanel chain belt, and platinum wig. Beyoncé nailed it because duh, she's Beyoncé and she doesn't half-ass anything.

    The fifth look was Bey's take on a satin lingerie dress and blue fur cat. She nailed every detail of this look, too, even the bangs.

    The Internet is still in a state of shock from the moment, and some have already determined that it will for sure be their cause of passing.

    Cause of death: Beyoncé dressed as Lil Kim with a Petty Images watermark (h/t @ItsNasB)

    Naturally, Lil Kim stans are LIVING for every single pic and taking the time to remind those who forgot just how much she changed the game.

    Even Beyoncé had to come out and tell y'all ungrateful asses to put some RESPEK on Lil'Kim's name

    And like us, there are some people who simply can't stop SCREAMINNNNNNNG!


    Everyone else's costume is cancelled, from the desks of the Bee and Bey Hives.