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    25 Photos Of Beyoncé That Prove Just How Beautiful Black Women Are

    'Cause a winner don't quit on themselves.

    1. So let's chat Beyoncé, guys.

    Ezra Shaw / Getty

    2. You know, the Queen who's currently on the Formation World Tour?

    Handout / Getty

    3. Well, she's inspired countless unapologetic black girls all throughout the universe.

    Thearon W. Henderson / Getty

    4. Her presence literally leaves us in awe of the endless possibilities ahead.

    Columbia Records / Via

    5. I mean, here you have this black girl from Houston, Texas, right?!

    Young Money Entertainment / Via

    6. Who knew even as child that she was a star.

    Columbia Records / Via

    7. So she and her magical black girl squad started a singing group with hopes of living out their dreams.

    Brenda Chase / Getty

    8. They literally shed blood, sweat, and tears, hearing a lot of "No's" along the way.

    Columbia Records / Via

    Did you know Beyoncé's mom and uncle had to design and sew all of their costumes because high-fashion designers "didn't want to dress four black, curvy, country girls"?

    9. Until they became one of the most successful girl groups of all time!

    Ezra Shaw / Getty

    10. Now, five Destiny's Child albums...

    @kellyrowland / Via

    11. Six solo albums...

    Frazer Harrison / Getty

    12. And 20 Grammy awards later...

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty

    And we don't even have the noms for Lemonade yet!

    13. Beyoncé is unfuckwithable personified.

    Kevin Mazur / Getty

    14. She reigns in a lane all her own.

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    15. We've lost count of how many times The Queen has serenaded the first family of the United States.

    Stan Honda / AFP / Getty

    16. She surpassed Dolly Parton, becoming the most Grammy-nominated female singer in history.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    17. And most recently she snagged not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Emmy nominations for Lemonade.

    Columbia Records / Via

    18. But that time she stopped the world and dropped that surprise album, tho!!!

    Columbia Records / Via

    19. No promotion or anything, fam.

    Columbia Records / Via

    20. And we still bought 👏 that 👏 shiiiiit👏 👏 👏 !

    Columbia Records / Via

    21. She's a natural born leader...

    Columbia Records

    22. Always showing us how to be bold and gracious.

    Columbia Records / Via

    23. Perhaps the most valuable lessons Bey taught us, though, are how to look out for our sisters...

    Ezra Shaw / Getty

    Whether leading one of the most successful female groups of all time, or hiring an all-female band, Beyoncé has shown she's all about girl power!

    24. To never make apologies for our magic and power...

    Columbia Records / Via


    25. And to NEVER quit on ourselves.

    Kevin Winter/BET / Getty