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    I Shaved My Bikini Line With This Men's Anti–Razor Bump Razor And Here's What Happened

    It's seriously on another ~bevel~, guys!

    What up, y'all?! My name is Essence and I'm a beauty editor at BuzzFeed. Every six weeks or so, I get a bikini wax. But recently, I skipped my wax appointment and tried Bevel Shaving System, a men's anti–razor bump grooming set.

    Designed for men's facial hair, Bevel has been getting rave reviews because of its special razor that prevents bumps and irritation — even on the coarsest hair.

    I wanted to know if the razor bump/itch-free hype was real, and if it could be a good system for people who prefer shaving over waxing, so I tried it on my bikini line since I don't have a beard.

    Inside my Bevel box was the razor handle, 60 blades, a badger brush, priming oil, shave cream, and restoring balm.

    Here's how it works:

    After thoroughly reading the instructions on the back of the packaging, I took the razor where no razor's gone in a long-ass time and began my bikini shave!

    Now that I've found a shave system that works, would I stop waxing all together?

    Personally, no. Here's why: For one, I also get my butt strip done and I ain't trying to have a sharp object all up in my cheeks. And two, it just suits my schedule better to go see my wax girl every six weeks and not have to worry about the upkeep.

    I would, however, use it in emergency situations — like when I sleep past my wax appointments. It's also good to have on standby to maintain my bikini area in between appointments, like when I want to go swimming but I'm not in need of a full wax.

    I'd recommend Bevel to anyone who shaves, ESPECIALLY if you're prone to razor bumps!


    Oops! Each order has three months’ worth of supplies, totaling $89.85. An earlier version of this post misstated the subscription cost.