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    7 Hella Impressive Beauty Products That Cost Less Than $7

    Tested and approved by BuzzFeed beauty and style editors!

    What's up, guys?! It's Essence and Augusta, back at it again with another beauty review. WOOT WOOT!

    This time we tried seven beauty products — all under $7 — because who doesn't like to save their money, amirite?!

    First up, the BH Cosmetics Brow Pencil. It’s a two-in-one, so one side is a retractable brow pencil, and the other side is a spoolie brush for blending.

    YAAASS! We were pleasantly surprised at how well this worked. Just a few strokes and a little blending made a major difference.

    Just look at the difference between our filled-in brows and our unattended brows. The come-up is REAL!

    Essence went with the color Medium, and Augusta tried Brunette.

    We both gave the BH Cosmetics HD Brow Pencil 5/5 stars because it really filled in our brows without looking like we had major amounts of makeup on. It was easy to use and blended well. Augusta said it's comparable to Anastasia Brow Wiz, which is a whopping $21!

    Next, we tried the BH Cosmetics Shadow Primer with the Black Opal Color Splurge eyeshadow.

    So the shadow without the primer was cute. But the shadow WITH the primer was like, WERRRK!

    Essence wore the Roccan It shadow, and Augusta went with the Tawny Tease shades.

    We gave both the BH Cosmetics primer and the Black Opal shadow 4/5 stars because we felt the primer could've enhanced the color a little more, and the shadow was good but it wasn't true to pigment on its own.

    For our lashes, we gave The Super Sizer Fibers Mascara by CoverGirl a whirl.

    Not sure about 400%, but it did make our lashes look fuller. It had an inky smell to it, though, and got a little clumpy when we were applying.

    Overall, we both agreed it deserved 3/5 stars because it's not the best mascara we've ever used, but not the worst either.

    And because life is undeniably better with lipstick, we tried two! First up, NYX Full Throttle.

    COME. THRU. PIGMENT! The color was exactly as it was in the tube. It also glided on very easily, and it didn't make our lips feel dry.

    Essence tried the Trickster shade, and Augusta tried Loaded.

    We even tested the waterproof claim and drank some water. LIPS STILL POPPIN'!

    This was such an easy 5-star for both of us. This much pigment for only $7 is a total steal!

    In between lipsticks, we tried the E.l.f. Lip Exfoliator. You just glide it back and forth on your lips — like you'd apply lip balm — and let the sugar crystals work their magic.

    We both gave it 5/5 stars because it actually scrubbed our lips and left them feeling super soft and moisturized.

    For our last product, we tried the ColourPop Lippie Stix. We both went with the color Climax, which is a matte blue-violet.

    And another one! *Khaled voice* Y'all, the Lippie Stix was also super pigmented and rich. You literally only need one swipe!

    We gave the ColourPop five stars, too, because it felt soft on the lips and the color was unbelievably good. This is SORCERY, guys.

    Until next time, peeps. We're about to go get our grub on, but comment below and tell us what we should review next!