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    18 Signs You Have Baby Fever But Definitely Aren't Ready For A Kid

    Johnson & Johnson with a hint of spit-up is like the best smell ever.

    1. You find yourself getting emotional when diaper commercials come on.

    2. The first thing you do when you hold a new baby is smell them.

    3. You don't even care if they stink because they're just that cute.

    4. In public you wave at random babies you've never seen in your life.

    5. And you try to hurry and take pics of them before their parents catch you.

    6. Sometimes you even sneak in a game of peek-a-boo.

    7. And then you brag that "babies love me" to your friends when the baby smiles back.

    8. You're probably the first person your family calls when they need a sitter.

    9. And you almost always say yes because chances are if you're the baby-loving type you probably don't have weekend plans anyway.

    10. You've already researched baby names for your future offspring...

    11. And played with multiple "unique" spellings.

    12. You wake up other people's babies on purpose so that you can hold them and talk gibberish.

    13. And you reeeally hope no one asks to hold him or her because you reeeally don't wanna share.

    14. You try to act interested in your friends' lives when you kinda just want them to show you pics of their babies.

    15. And you find it very rude when they show up to brunch without their little bundle of joy.

    16. You follow all the baby Instagram accounts and check them daily.

    17. You completely lose it whenever a baby is dressed as anything other than a baby.

    18. And the second you find out someone you know is pregnant, you immediately start harassing them and asking for baby updates.