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    40 Women Over 40 Who'll Make You Hype About Growing TF Up

    May we be them!

    1. Grandma Daisy Sims is the funniest and most inspiring person on Instagram. Issa fact.

    2. Gabrielle Union constantly uses her celebrity to advocate for women's causes, and we're contstantly inspired.

    3. The always kind and always HILARIOUS Ellen literally improves our quality of life.

    4. Melissa McCarthy is expanding representation in Hollywood as one of the industries highest-paid women. GET THEM COINS, SIS!!!

    5. Mom, also known as Oprah, is compassionate, and beautiful, and smart, and the baddest to ever do it!!!

    6. J. Lo out here being a mom, singer, dancer, actress, producer, and more ... and we just tryna remember where we put our keys.

    7. The fact that Naomi Campbell is still out here shutting down runways and campaigns tho ... there will never be another.

    8. Angela Bassett is one of the greatest actresses of all time and one of the most influential beauty icons. Actual #goals.

    9. This little queen looking at Michelle Obama is all of us. WE MISS HERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

    10. Tina Lawson — creator of Beyoncé and Solange — won't even let airplane protocol stop her corny joke time, and we just wanna live with the same zero fu*k$.

    11. Allure Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee is legit breaking barriers in the women's lifestyle media space, and we're slowly realizing she's actually an angel...

    12. ...The same way we're realizing the legendary Betty White is the plug and knows everybody who's anybody.

    13. Speaking of Katie Couric: Journalist icon. Genius. Baddie. Haircut ain't NEVER been off fleek.

    14. No, they're not sisters. They're a mom and daughter fitness duo, and the mom, Ellen Ector (left), has us in a permanent state of shook.

    15. Tyra Banks was out here challenging beauty standards before "representation" was the new buzzword, and she will always be The Queen.

    16. Iris Apfel said "more is more and less is a bore," and it's our new mantra tbh.

    17. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will make you laugh, cry, and feel seen all in one scene. It's called range, dahlingz.

    18. Drew Barrymore is actually the entire mood of a generation. She just gets us.

    19. Your mama's finest silver cutlery ain't got shit on Mildred Bean's curls.

    20. In between acting, the original #WCE Halle Berry finds time for philanthropy, fitness, and Instagram shoots that look like they were plucked from Vogue. She is our entire vision board.

    21. Lily Tomlin "calling" Drake on a vibrator is our daily reminder to live and have fun.

    22. Mary J. Blige and her over the knee boots and big hoops have influenced fashion just as much as her soulful pipes have influenced music.

    23. Lisa Ling is committed to serving wokeness, even in her fashions.

    24. Don't get it twisted, Maxine Waters can give you fishnets just as quick as she can give you policy.

    25. Tracee Ellis Ross's Instagram is a fully balanced self-care meal. We get our facts, our fashions, and our laughs.

    26. The Voice of New York is a woman, and her name is Angie Martinez. This is not an opinion.

    27. The "B" in Bozoma Saint John stands for BOSS!!! She makes being an Uber executive, mom, and fashion killa look so easy.

    28. Toni Braxton is one of few with a voice so distinct that you know it's her as soon as you hear it. They don't make 'em like her anymore.

    29. If anyone needs us we'll be stretching so that we can kick our leg as high as Hollywood royalty, Jenifer Lewis, can.

    30. Padma Laskhmi's love for food makes us feel seen on a spiritual level, even if we could never look this glamorous while eating it.

    31. *sigh* Ava Duvernay is literally out here shifting narratives and changing the world through TV and film, and cheering her on is one of our favorite hobbies.

    32. Salma Hayek is super vocal and active about human issues. Also worth noting, her hair manages to always have the shine and bounce of a shampoo model's.

    33. Regina King will effortlessly bounce between acting and directing, and then give us over-the-shoulder action for the gram like it's nothing.

    34. Ty Alexander's life of travel and perfect selfies is the future we want for ourselves and the generations we birth.

    35. Niecy Nash makes us proud of our curves and full features. Someone give her a style campaign immediately.

    36. Gwyneth Paltrow is a constant reminder to fearlessly explore new territories and to live our lives for ourselves.

    37. The OG Jane Fonda has been serving face since the '60s and your fave could literally never.

    38. Can we talk about the way Shonda Rhimes revolutionized TV and had two black women taking over our screens every Thursday, back to back, on a major network?!

    39. Taraji P. Henson has been grinding for decades, so to see her take win after win literally makes our hearts beam.

    40. Eva Mendes — with her boo, kids, and career in Hollywood and fashion — is proof we can have it all.

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