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    Celebrities Love Wearing This Jewelry Line And It's Not A Million Dollars

    Halsey, Kourtney Kardashian and Beyoncé have all worn this sustainable and affordable jewelry so we'll have what they're having please.

    Don't you love when you're reading an article that tells you where to get Gigi Hadid's look? But don't you hate when it's something that only one of the worlds highest paid supermodels can afford? SAME, SIS! Every once in a while, though, we'll come across a brand that's favorited among celebs and checks off all the boxes: cute and affordable (there are really only two boxes). Jlani is a line of eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry that you've seen on everyone from Beyoncé to Halsey to Angela Bassett to Blake Lively to Kourtney Kardashian, and then some. Mrs. Knowles-Carter recently posted a photo to IG (#swipe to fifth pic) laced in three necklaces from the brand and we may or may not have added them all to cart.

    So what makes Jlani so special? Well for starters, the sustainable brand is actually beautiful with quality to match. The jewelry is made with stainless steel metal, "100 percent recyclable and nickel free" and "resistant to tarnishing and rust," according to the site. It's like when you meet a really hot guy and his insides are also hot; he's a feminist and has depth and takes initiative to plan dates. Secondly, the price point is doable. Some pieces, like the Delia anklet, are as low as $15. And even the pricier items, like the Tusk ear crawlers, will only cost you $150. But that's enough of my yapping. Scroll down and see for yourself, and happy shopping because you def want make it through this post without copping a thing, or five.

    Kourtney Kardashian in Cross choker.

    Beyoncé in Flat Cuban necklace, Lysa choker and Africa necklace.

    Blake Lively in Tusk ear crawlers.

    Taraji P. Henson in 2.75" Signature hoops.

    Nicki Minaj wearing Shane, Heidi, Band and Alix rings.

    Jasmine Sanders wearing 1.5" Stella hoops.

    Angela Bassett in Signature hoops, Root ring, and Helena ring.

    Gigi Hadid in Dual Bar ring.

    Halsey in Signature hoops, Flat Cuban necklace and Custom Chunky Cuban chain.

    You're welcome and if you wanna pick us up a little anklet or something, we won't stop you.