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These Ridiculously Adorable Babies Will Make You Smile Until Your Cheeks Hurt

Ovaries currently on 10.

You'd probably much rather be doing this right now.

@yandysmith / Via

So here are a bunch of ridiculously cute kids to wake you up and get you through the rest of this week. / Via

Like this baby whose face is literally our mood Monday - Thursday.

@h_maya_m / Via

And this one, whose face is our mood on FRIDAY!!!

@justjerrae_and. kam / Via

Or whenever we get food.

@justjerrae_and. kam / Via

We were NEVER this cool when we were kids ... or adults.

@bella_ivonne / Via

Check out this royal highness's inspiring fro, tho!

@tiaraevelynk / Via

But we really need to talk about how he knows his angles.


*takes notes*

She definitely just said "Fam, I got you" and no one can convince us otherwise.

@babyfolasade / Via

Hello, Hallmark. Please put her face on a Christmas card NOW!

@cristalfanne / Via

Caption this because this cute little face is too meme-worthy.

@miatheminidiva / Via

We can't stop smiling at these pinchable cheeks.

@liberiangirl_em / Via

Yes, it's all hers in case you were wondering.

@nicolebigandbright / Via

Our face whenever someone offers us a salad with all veggies and no meat. / Via

Her love for this doll is how much we love her hair...

@ellepstewart / Via

And her Doc McStuffins costume.

@ellepstewart / Via

Those eyes and little puffs, tho. CHILLAX, OVARIES 😩. / Via

*Staring off into the distance waiting for the weekend.*

@princenkami / Via


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