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    These Ridiculously Adorable Babies Will Make You Smile Until Your Cheeks Hurt

    Ovaries currently on 10.

    You'd probably much rather be doing this right now.

    So here are a bunch of ridiculously cute kids to wake you up and get you through the rest of this week.

    Like this baby whose face is literally our mood Monday - Thursday.

    And this one, whose face is our mood on FRIDAY!!!

    Or whenever we get food.

    We were NEVER this cool when we were kids ... or adults.

    Check out this royal highness's inspiring fro, tho!

    And his too, so fluffy and soft.

    But we really need to talk about how he knows his angles.

    She definitely just said "Fam, I got you" and no one can convince us otherwise.

    Hello, Hallmark. Please put her face on a Christmas card NOW!

    Caption this because this cute little face is too meme-worthy.

    We can't stop smiling at these pinchable cheeks.

    Yes, it's all hers in case you were wondering.

    Our face whenever someone offers us a salad with all veggies and no meat.

    Her love for this doll is how much we love her hair...

    And her Doc McStuffins costume.

    Those eyes and little puffs, tho. CHILLAX, OVARIES 😩.

    *Staring off into the distance waiting for the weekend.*