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    7 Powerfully Beautiful Things That Should Be On Every Black Woman’s Radar This Week

    Solange on racism, how to rock an Afro puff, life lessons from Luuvie, and more.

    1. Solange writes a seriously real piece on racism and how she handled a recent encounter at a concert with her son.

    2. Ambrosia Malbrough shows us a fail-proof way to achieve her high Afro puff.

    Photographer: Miranda Barnes


    Photographer Miranda Barnes captures twin sisters in her portrait series, Doubles. The photographer tells Broadly, "I find the need to challenge misconceptions of people of color in America as a black woman, highlighting themes of friendship and sisterhood in black communities." She was inspired by her grandmother, Joyce, and her grandmother's twin sister, Jean. Barnes says her grandmother passed before she got the chance to photpgraph her with Jean, but the relationship between them imparted in her feelings of love and sisterhood. Check out the beautiful photos here.

    *Click each photo to scroll to the next.

    4. Saying goodbye to the sun is a little less sad, thanks to Jackie Aina's bomb smokey eye and berry lip tutorial.

    5. This corporate career woman turned SoulCycle instructor is inspiring us to follow our passions.

    6. So Lauryn Hill's daughter isn't a baby anymore, and she's modeling for Vogue.

    7. Magical and HILARIOUS black girl Awesomely Luvvie shares 10 life lessons she's learned over the last decade.

    Have a lit week, and stay magically beautiful ❤.