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    7 Powerfully Beautiful Things That Should Be On Every Black Woman's Radar This Week

    Perfect curls, #carefreeblackkids, AND ~bae~ biscuits? YES, PLEASE!

    1. "These Kids Prove Just How Much Representation Matters At The 2016 Olympics"

    Twitter: @Laylas_Mommy_13

    Author: Taryn Finley

    Outlet: Huffington Post Black Voices

    Huffington Post Black Voices published this incredibly adorable roundup of black kids inspired by the 2016 Olympics. "These images ― in addition to being adorable ― are powerful testaments to how representation influences children. The images kids see of people who look like them on TV can decrease their self-esteem, unless they are white males, a 2012 study found," the author, Taryn Finley, writes. "Because of athletes like Manuel and Homer, these kids and millions more are able to assert that they, too, can take home the gold one day and pave the way for others." Get a load of all the cuteness here on Huff Po Black Voices, and be prepared to say "awwwe!" over and over.

    2. "How One Creative Is Using Custom Pins To Start Conversations And Display Cultural Pride"

    Author: Valerie Robinson

    Outlet: Blavity

    We literally want every single last one of these pins! On Blavity, Valerie Robinson chats with jewelry maker Essence Murjani (who also made the bomb necklaces in #7 of this review) about her new line, Coloring Pins. The first collection features three dope-ass pins that instantly make every black girl glow with pride: "Culture," a celebration of Bantu knots; "Original," a reminder to all of who rocked cornrows first; and "GOAT," a nod to our black girl haircare staples. Murjani says to Robinson, "Coloring Pins will be a company that represents the under and misrepresented... People of color will be able to rock enamel pins and soon patches that they can relate to." Some of the pins are already sold out, but you can stalk the site until they re-up here. Read the full story here on Blavity for the designer's inspiration behind each pin design.

    3. "Gabby Douglas Only Has 1 Job—and It Isn’t to Fix Her Hair to Please You"

    Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

    Author: Demetria Lucas D'Oyley

    Outlet: The Root

    If you follow journalist Demetria Lucas D'Oyley, then you know she's never one to hold back. In an essay, "Gabby Douglas Only Has 1 Job—and It Isn’t to Fix Her Hair to Please You," for The Root, she addresses the ongoing criticism Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas has been receiving for her hair. D'Oyley calls the focus of Douglas' hair "dumb shit," and points out that while her edges may not be laid on the uneven bars, they most definitely are "On the covers of Essence and People and Time and Teen Vogue" and on the front of the Corn Flakes box! Read where else the gymnast champ's hair is laid here.

    4. Garlic & Herb Cheddar "Bae" Biscuits

    carnaldish / Via

    Channel: CarnalDish

    Outlet: YouTube

    Honestly, ever since Bey sang about Red Lobster, we can't stop thinking about those famous cheddar biscuits. On her YouTube channel CarnalDish, Chef Resha shows us how to make her own tasty version of the restaurant's signature bread, and she calls them Garlic & Herb Cheddar "Bae" Biscuits! Whip these up for your bae... or for yourself. Here's the recipe.

    5. "On Survivor’s Remorse, a Fight Over Visibility for Black Women of All Complexions"

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Author: Tamara Best

    Outlet: The New York Times

    In an interview with Tamara Best for The New York Times, Surviviors Remorse star Teyonah Parris discusses the lack of representation in media, specifically as it relates to dark-skinned black women. In a recent SR episode, Parris' character Missy Vaughn, a media consultant, says, "Do you know what every dark-skinned girl thinks when she sees only light-skinned girls in magazines? They think their dark skin has made them invisible." The actress and Juliard grad tells Best, "The show is good for having conversations that are not often had on mainstream television." Parris does admit in the interview that she has seen some improvement in Hollywood, thanks to Naturi Naughton (Power), Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder), and Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane). Read the story in full here.

    6. "New WhereU App Alerts Users of Nearby Black-Owned Businesses"

    Mavoimages / Getty Images

    Author: Sierra Boone

    Outlet: CRWN

    So the newly-launched (and STUNNING!) natural hair magazine CRWN shares on its blog all the deets about this cool app called Where U Came From, also called WhereU. Available on iOS and Android devices, WhereU allows users to locate nearby black-owned businesses. Restaurants, retail stores, banks and credit unions, and anything else you need in this life are available at your fingertips. It's free and easy to use. Users can also click the "info" icon and recommend their fave black-owned businesses. I actually recommended my dentist, and it took less than a minute! Download WhereU here for iOS and here for Android. Learn more about the app on CRWN's blog.

    7. Perm Rod Set on Short Hair & Long Hair

    J MAYO / JayHairBigga / Via

    Channels: J MAYO and JayHairBigga

    Outlet: YouTube

    Nothing like a good perm rod set to get your edges all the way together! You can rock the bouncy curls, whether your hair is relaxed, natural, long, or short. If you're rocking a short cut, like J Mayo on the left, and want to try perm rods, watch this tutorial to see how she uses different sized rollers to catch all of her hair. And if you have more length, you can't go wrong with JayHairBigga's demo using perm rods and end papers.

    Well, that's all fam! Stay magically beautiful ❤️.

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