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23 Hilarious Memes That Explain Greek Life At A Black School

Knuck if you buck.

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1. Run to the nearest safe place the moment you hear "Knuck If You Buck":

When "Knuck If You Buck" comes on at a party and you realize you in the middle of the crowd.

And not a second later.

8. And just think of yourself as an asexual creature until probate:

#teamcelibate #teammybodyisatemple #teamnonewfriends, or old ones either

10. Every new line will have at least one of these:

11. ALWAYS show respect:

Especially to these scholars.

15. Don't be caught off-guard when this happens:

Before and after ya homeboy pledge Kappa.

'Cause it will happen.

22. But know that it's always all love ❤️:

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