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23 Things Every Black Person Who Grew Up In The South Knows To Be True

"Ain't it?" ain't always a question.

1. This was you and your crew every Saturday after the cookout, game, and/or club.

2. And this was you and your church friends every Sunday.

3. This is how the summer felt about your relaxer, blowout, and overall wellbeing.

4. This meant it was almost time to pull out your "good" coat.

5. This is a box of LIES!

6. You still believe this is a perfectly balanced meal, and no one can convince you otherwise.

7. If your mom ain't have this in her kitchen then she wasn't serious about life.

8. Parkin' lot pimpin' was a real activity, not to be confused with going inside the club...

9. Which was a completely separate activity.

10. You knew at least one person with a candy paint box Chevy.

11. Your grandma swears "you done got all bougie" because you won't feed this green substance swimming in bacon grease to your newborn child.

12. You were probably the one taking this pic for your friends because getting in this dirty-ass lake was not going down.

13. This was everyday hair.

14. "Nann" is forever ingrained into your vocabulary, thanks to this fine lady and gentleman.

15. This is white people food.

16. Sweet potato had better been the only orange pie you brought to Thanksgiving if you didn't want to catch a fade.

17. Actually having a yard with trees was all fun and games, until it was used against you.

#GrowingUpInTheSouth "Go Pick A Switch" Were the worst 4 words you could have possibly been told.

18. These were the first to go at every cookout.

19. If bae took you here on a date y'all were serious.

20. "Ain't it?" at the end of a sentence was not a question, but rather an expression of excitement, shock, or emphasis.

#growingupinthesouth everybody says "aint it" after sentences for no damn reason. "Boy you clean af aint it?" 😂

Think of it as an exclamation point.

21. You have at least three relatives whose "governments" you still don't know.

22. This is how your parents felt about boundaries and personal space.

23. It's the absolute best place on earth, and no matter where life takes you, it will always be home!