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    21 Times Blue Ivy's Hair Stunted On Toddlers Everywhere


    1. When her ponytail was your "Queen to Be" for Halloween.

    2. When she put her own lil' spin on her mommy's 'do.

    3. When her baby hairs were touched by an angel.

    4. That time she got her hair done, nails done, everything did.

    5. And then ate a sucker and gave us eyebrow goals.

    We shall never know how one's brows can be so snatched at 3.

    6. When she took a moment to pose in her all white and pop of pink.

    7. When she and her cool-ass auntie had twinnin' 'fros!

    8. When she nailed healthy hair and teeth and flossed in this protective style.

    9. When her curls popped so hard Bey couldn't help but touch.

    10. When these flowers adorned her ringlets in crown formation.

    11. When she was too cute for words in two puffs and jumbo ribbons.

    12. And that one morning she woke up like, "Hey, Ma. Let's do a bun!"

    13. When her Afro puff outshined the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    14. When she and her perfect braid were unimpressed with the Queen's kisses.

    15. When her glorious natural approved of her mommy's performance.

    16. When her curls were extra defined for her "Blue" video appearance.

    17. When her bow game elevated and she just sat there. Flawlessly.

    18. When she was coordinating from hair to toe on a beach.

    19. When her curls looked like they were dipped in shea butter and coiled by Jesus.

    20. When she decided to wear it all out and ball so hard.

    21. And when her edges were on that flourish tip the moment she entered the world.

    Happy Big 4, Blue! Keep shining.