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    21 Bright As Hell Matte Lip Colors To Try If You're About That Life

    Because life can be dull.

    1. Melt Cosmetics "Blitzed"

    2. Melt Cosmetics "Xenon" eyeshadow over "Blitzed" lipstick

    3. NYX "Amethyst"

    4. BH Cosmetics "Glory"

    5. Coloured Raine "Rockstar"

    6. Jeffree Star Cosmetics "Queen Supreme"

    7. Dose of Colors "Kiss of Fire"

    8. Anastasia Beverly Hills "Yellow"

    9. Ofra Cosmetics "Miami Fever"

    10. Lip Land "Fuhrari"

    11. Anastasia Beverly Hills "Potion"

    12. The Balm Cosmetics "Sentimental"

    13. Maybelline "Orange Shot"

    14. Jeffree Star Cosmetics "Blue Velvet"

    15. Lip Land "Brooklyn"

    16. Ofra Cosmetics "Purple Rain"

    17. Coloured Raine "Oooh La La"

    18. Lime Crime "Squash"

    19. Tarte "So Fetch"

    20. Milani Cosmetics "Amore"

    21. Colour Pop "Bedazzled"