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    19 Times This Model With A Skin Condition Gave Us Life

    Winnie got us like, "Yaaasss!"

    Chantelle Winnie is the model we all came to know and love on cycle 21 of America's Next Top Model.

    While the ANTM contestant didn't walk away with the final photo, she still came out a winner.

    Most recently, Glamour Italia tapped Chantelle for a five-page spread in the June '15 issue.

    And here are 19 more times the flawless supermodel so graciously gave us our whole lives, to which we will be forever grateful.

    1. When her beauty left us speechless.

    2. That time she paused her parlaying to smize for the gram.

    3. When she did this cool girl pose with her hands and we wanted to be her friend.

    4. The time she served us profile realness and redefined our eyebrow goals.

    5. And how she gave us a just a peek of her fabulousness.

    6. Here, when she forever changed the bedtime scarf game for black girls everywhere.

    7. That time she nailed the wing tip, a process that takes us at least 20 minutes to perfect.

    8. When her wrist and nail swag were on point.

    9. Plus that day she out shined a spotted pony in this bomb photoshoot.

    10. The time she landed a major campaign with Diesel.

    11. And don't forget about when she scored another major campaign with Desigual.

    12. When she fiercely balanced herself atop this chair and took our breath away. *heavy sigh*

    13. When she showed us how to be effortlessly sexy...

    14. ...but also how to be super fun and down for a good time.

    15. That time she gave us some Marilyn nostalgia.

    16. But also just kept it real.

    17. When she managed to slay in this candid shot on set.

    18. Plus that night when she and model Shaun Ross, who has albinism, were spotted hanging out like besties.

    19. And that time she reminded us all that underneath the supermodel, she's a goodhearted girl who makes other people feel special and beautiful.

    We're sure Tyra is very proud.