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    Stop What You're Doing And Go Stalk These Incredibly Beautiful Makeup Artists

    *May experience shortness of breath from all the beauty*

    We hit up our BuzzFeed Community squad to see which Latina beauty bloggers and makeup artists we should be checking for. Here are all the gorgeous humans you need to start following NOW!

    1. Laura Sanchez

    2. Leslie Alvarado

    3. Yasmin

    4. Kathleen Lights

    5. Henry Vasquez

    6. Mirella

    7. Charisma Star

    8. Desi Perkins

    9. LustreLux

    10. Miryam Díaz

    11. DeysiDanger

    12. Makeupby_Alo

    13. Priscilla Ono

    14. Lora Arellano

    15. Manny Dávila

    16. Camila Coelho

    17. Chrisspy

    18. Daniela Rowson

    19. Rosita Applebum

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