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    Stop What You're Doing And Go Stalk These Incredibly Beautiful Makeup Artists

    *May experience shortness of breath from all the beauty*

    We hit up our BuzzFeed Community squad to see which Latina beauty bloggers and makeup artists we should be checking for. Here are all the gorgeous humans you need to start following NOW!

    1. Laura Sanchez

    "Laura Sanchez and @Makeupbyjh. Their videos are ALLLLL in Spanish:)" —Brenda Rodriguez, Facebook

    Instagram: @laura_makeup

    YouTube: Laura Sanchez

    2. Leslie Alvarado

    "Leslie Alvarado (@itslesliealvarado) and Yasmin (@beautyybird)!!" —alelopez86

    Instagram: @itslesliealvarado

    YouTube: Leslie Alvarado

    3. Yasmin

    "Yasmin!!! Her instagram and YouTube are beautyybird" —d476295b22

    Instagram: @beautyybird

    YouTube: In Spanish, PajaritaBella; In English, BeautyyBird

    4. Kathleen Lights

    "KATHLEEN LIGHTS! I love her so much." —Carmen Colmenares, Facebook

    Instagram: @KathleenLights

    YouTube: KathleenLights

    5. Henry Vasquez

    "Ummmm... Hello! @NOJUSTHENRY." —Jose M. Rodriguez, Facebook

    Instagram: @nojusthenry

    6. Mirella

    "Mirellabellebeauty." —beautycomesfromwithin

    Instagram: @MirellaBelle

    YouTube: mirellabellebeauty

    7. Charisma Star

    "Charisma Star is adorable and has AMAZING production quality." —nikkif7

    Instagram: @charismastar

    YouTube: Charisma Star

    8. Desi Perkins

    "Desi Perkins is one of my fave YouTubers. She’s amazingly talented with makeup and super funny and so nice. Her snapchats always makes me laugh." —jazmynv2

    Instagram: @desiperkins

    YouTube: Desi Perkins

    9. LustreLux

    "@desiperkins and @lustrelux on the gram. Bestie beauty bloggers and hilarious to follow on Snapchat." —Mlee

    Instagram: @lustrelux

    YouTube: LustreLux

    10. Miryam Díaz

    "She's a true Spanish-speaking Latina! Love her!!!" —Breana Campos, Facebook

    Instagram: @makeup_amor

    YouTube: makeup_amor

    11. DeysiDanger

    "@deysidanger and @makeupby_alo. They got makeup skillzzzz, and if you follow them on Snapchat they’re funny AF too!" —mariae49afaabb4

    Instagram: @deysidanger

    12. Makeupby_Alo

    "She has no filter, but that just means you’re going to get honest and helpful advice and recommendations on everything from make-up to how many times you should be turning over your tortillas while heating them up." —s42a6d7cae

    Instagram: @makeupby_alo

    13. Priscilla Ono

    "I can’t believe no one said @priscillaono; she’s awesome." —joannas48d22835f

    Instagram: priscillaono

    14. Lora Arellano

    "I truly believe Lora Arellano deserves so much recognition. She’s a true and dedicated makeup artist who is not only amazing at doing her own makeup, but her artistry on clients of all skin colors and different styles is truly amazing as well. I also love the fact that she takes pride in being Latina! Her parents even own their own Mexican restaurant :) She’s such an inspiration!" —fuzzfeed

    Instagram: @lora_arellano

    YouTube: Melt Cosmetics

    15. Manny Dávila

    "Manny MUA & Desi Perkins!" —melissaq45557fd0a

    Instagram: @mannymua733

    YouTube: Manny Mua

    16. Camila Coelho

    "Camila Coelho—@camilacoelho on IG. She's a beauty and fashion blogger and has a YouTube channel in Portuguese and English. She's AMAZING!" —Angelica Villalobos, Facebook

    Instagram: @camilacoelho

    YouTube: In Portuguese, Camila Coelho; In English, MakeUpByCamila2

    17. Chrisspy

    "Desi Perkins and Chrisspy!!!!" —Theresa Ann Reish, Facebook

    Instagram: @chrisspy

    YouTube: Chrisspy

    18. Daniela Rowson

    "Daniela Rowson is QUEEN!" —daisyheadbymary

    Instagram: @daniexpertmua

    YouTube: DaniExpertMUA

    19. Rosita Applebum

    "Kathleen Lights and Beauty By Rosita... both Latina and both dope AF." —Giselle Gigi Carhuayano, Facebook

    Instagram: @beautybyrosita

    YouTube: Rosita Applebum

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