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    18 Drastic Hair Color Transformations That'll Make You Wanna Pour Dye All Over Your Head

    In living color.

    1. This blonde to blue has us swooning HEAVY!

    @sambialieu / Via /

    2. And this soft to bright pink is gorgeously stunning.

    @flamcis / Via /

    3. This blonde proves that orange is just as fun!

    @wckdpssyct / Via /

    4. And this beauty proves you don't have to just pick one color.

    @jadeywadey180 / Via /

    5. Like, can we just appreciate this blue to green and purple magic for a second?!

    @ihaveathingforhair / Via /

    6. About these bright red spirals giving us major Ariel vibes, tho... EDGES. SLAIN!

    @dbloomingbeauty / Via /

    7. This silver twist on classic faux locs may've just inspired our next 'do.

    @crownedbyegypt / Via /

    8. And this jewel-toned purple is jaw-dropping GORGEOUS!

    http://@_its.sabrina__ / Via /


    9. This deep teal on deep brown skin is breathtaking, as proven by this beauty.

    @limitlessbwl / Via /

    10. This neon green 'fro to pink and blue weave? Yes, please.

    @jacyjuly / Via /

    11. This color switch proves that going green is always a good decision.

    @naturallytash / Via /

    12. This toned-down orange is perfect if you want a change, but nothing too out there.

    @aaslirem / Via /

    13. Ummm, gonna go ahead and confirm this transition from blue to teal is the most perfect we've ever seen.

    @msroshposh / Via /

    14. These soft pink braids are just the right amount of sweet and edge.

    15. These pops of blue and purple curls are life-giving.

    @curlycolada / Via /

    16. And this cotton candy pink is making us want to wear colorful wigs for the rest of our lives...

    @laura_makeup / Via /

    17. While this electric blue Afro has us wanting to spruce up our natural curls.

    18. This beauty living her best lavender life, tho, is EVERYTHIIIING!

    @ellaschair / Via