18 Drastic Hair Color Transformations That'll Make You Wanna Pour Dye All Over Your Head

    In living color.

    1. This blonde to blue has us swooning HEAVY!

    2. And this soft to bright pink is gorgeously stunning.

    3. This blonde proves that orange is just as fun!

    4. And this beauty proves you don't have to just pick one color.

    5. Like, can we just appreciate this blue to green and purple magic for a second?!

    6. About these bright red spirals giving us major Ariel vibes, tho... EDGES. SLAIN!

    7. This silver twist on classic faux locs may've just inspired our next 'do.

    8. And this jewel-toned purple is jaw-dropping GORGEOUS!

    9. This deep teal on deep brown skin is breathtaking, as proven by this beauty.

    10. This neon green 'fro to pink and blue weave? Yes, please.

    11. This color switch proves that going green is always a good decision.

    12. This toned-down orange is perfect if you want a change, but nothing too out there.

    13. Ummm, gonna go ahead and confirm this transition from blue to teal is the most perfect we've ever seen.

    14. These soft pink braids are just the right amount of sweet and edge.

    15. These pops of blue and purple curls are life-giving.

    16. And this cotton candy pink is making us want to wear colorful wigs for the rest of our lives...

    17. While this electric blue Afro has us wanting to spruce up our natural curls.

    18. This beauty living her best lavender life, tho, is EVERYTHIIIING!