17 Photos That Prove Every Person Should Wear Wigs And Weaves


    1. So weaves and wigs are the TRUTH!

    2. The options are literally endless.

    3. You can go long and wavy...

    4. Or big and kinky.

    5. Floral and curly is always a good look, too!

    6. This teal asymmetrical bob is everything.

    7. You can bleach your hair...or you can just get a fierce AF platinum blonde lace front.

    8. Short hair it is you want? No problem!

    9. We weren't joking when we said the options were endless.

    10. Now THIS is #hairgoals!

    11. When you want something natural-looking but still fun.

    12. Or when you just want some extra length and fullness.

    13. How cute is this bob?!

    14. Peep these edges, though. GENIUS!

    15. Honestly, we could just scroll through @PeakMill's wig wizardry forever.

    16. Like, For. Ev. Errrrrrrrr!


    Go forth and snatch, hair slayers!