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    17 Perfectly Satisfying Beauty Swatches That Prove Makeup Is An Actual Real Art

    Bookmark for the next time a MF tries you :)

    1. Per·fec·tion / pərˈfekSH(ə)n / noun: These swatches.

    @swayzemorgan / Via

    2. This outstretched hand could invite us into this dark-ass room, and we'd prob go.

    @blackup / Via

    3. Tbh, we're more pumped to wear this palette as swatch bracelets than we are to wear it as shadow.

    @swayzemorgan / Via

    4. So perfect, they literally look like pieces of glitter tape.

    @annybeeutee / Via

    5. That moment you realize you don't have a swatch partner and singledom is overrated.

    @fumidesaluvold / Via

    6. So this, kids, is what you call sorcery.

    @theglamwoman / Via

    7. Was NOT ready for the evenness AND the glitter!

    @annybeeutee / Via

    8. Please note how every single line, every single drip is the same.

    @annybeeutee / Via

    9. This as a tattoo, tho?! Yes, pleeeeeease.

    @annybeeutee / Via

    10. If I ever need surgery, please call whoever painted these precise AF swatches.

    @mimera929 / Via

    11. *Adds "watch Blue Steel video" to self-care agenda*

    12. Sherwin Williams ain't got shit on whoever swatched these rectangles.

    @mimera929 / Via

    13. This person's wrist should actually be the ad for these shadows.

    @mimera929 / Via

    14. The pigment. The spacing. We live!

    @thebrowngirlswatches / Via

    15. Tbh, I probably woulda passed geometry if it looked like this.

    @browngirlfriendly / Via

    16. Why is this so beautiful? WHYYYY?!

    @browngirlfriendly / Via

    17. So can we bathe in this or nah? Asking for a friend.

    Suddenly feeling better now!

    VH1 / Via