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    17 Perfectly Satisfying Beauty Swatches That Prove Makeup Is An Actual Real Art

    Bookmark for the next time a MF tries you :)

    1. Per·fec·tion / pərˈfekSH(ə)n / noun: These swatches.

    2. This outstretched hand could invite us into this dark-ass room, and we'd prob go.

    3. Tbh, we're more pumped to wear this palette as swatch bracelets than we are to wear it as shadow.

    4. So perfect, they literally look like pieces of glitter tape.

    5. That moment you realize you don't have a swatch partner and singledom is overrated.

    6. So this, kids, is what you call sorcery.

    7. Was NOT ready for the evenness AND the glitter!

    8. Please note how every single line, every single drip is the same.

    9. This as a tattoo, tho?! Yes, pleeeeeease.

    10. If I ever need surgery, please call whoever painted these precise AF swatches.

    11. *Adds "watch Blue Steel video" to self-care agenda*

    12. Sherwin Williams ain't got shit on whoever swatched these rectangles.

    13. This person's wrist should actually be the ad for these shadows.

    14. The pigment. The spacing. We live!

    15. Tbh, I probably woulda passed geometry if it looked like this.

    16. Why is this so beautiful? WHYYYY?!

    17. So can we bathe in this or nah? Asking for a friend.

    Suddenly feeling better now!