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    17 Photos That Prove Snoop Dogg Has The Greatest Hair Of All Time

    Ain't nuthin but a G thang, baby.

    1. When Taylor Swift blessed his locs, and Jamie Foxx literally tried to inhale them.

    2. When he rocked this hairstyle better than every 6-year-old girl on picture day.

    3. When his roller set gave your auntie hair goals that are simply unconquerable.

    4. When his baby hairs were smoother at 39 years-old than ours were at six months.

    5. When he made you think, if even for a second, you may be able to pull off finger waves.

    6. When his 'fro was every natural girl's goal.

    7. When his tresses looked like they were curled with your grandma's half-inch marcel iron.

    8. When Madam C.J. Walker descended from The Heavens just to press his ponytail with a hotcomb...

    9. When his perfect blowout was unbothered and blew in the wind without frizzing.

    10. Also, when he rocked Shirley Temple curls in this hot-ass club and they ain't even sweat out!

    11. When his edges looked like they were laid with a tooth brush and Holy Water.

    12. When he did the OG prayer pose, but really he just wanted us to see how perfectly parted his locs were.

    We get it, Snoop.

    13. When his cornrows were so perfect that even he was impressed.

    14. When his curls' were full of body!

    15. When we couldn't even see his hair, but we still knew it was laid underneath that stocking cap.

    16. When he emerged from a cloud of herbs and his curls still looked like this:

    17. And, when he wore these plaits and still managed to look gangsta as hell.

    Snoop, you're basically magical and we ❤️ you !