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    17 Petty Texts Sallie Mae Would Definitely Send You

    Levels of petty: low, med, Sal

    1. When you wanna enjoy life's simple pleasures.

    2. When you try to eat the most important meal of the day.

    3. When you're trying to figure out adulting.

    4. And when you want to forget your troubles.

    5. Or when you just want to glow-up.

    6. When you think you're making progress.

    7. When you're trying to live life with no regrets.

    8. When you think you're ready for the next step.

    9. When you're trying to eat your third meal of the day.

    10. And when you're thinking back on where you went wrong.

    11. When you see a flicker of hope.

    12. And when you just wanna cope.

    13. When you start to question your priorities.

    14. When you think maybe anything IS possible!

    15. When you find out the best day of your life was actually the worst.

    16. When you thought education = success.

    17. And when every check for the rest of your life is yours but not really.