17 Faces That Perfectly Sum Up Every Black Girl's Transition From Relaxed To Natural Hair

    Should I big chop, or nah?

    1. The "I'M GOING NATURAL!" face.

    2. The "I just threw away all my leftover relaxer like a BOSS" face.

    3. The "Oooh, I see a baby curl!" face.

    4. The "Well I was gonna make my own products, but uhhhhh..." face.

    5. The "I can't blend my roots with the rest of my hair" face.

    6. The "How the hell do I even comb this?" face.

    7. The "I'm transitioning, stop asking me questions about my damn hair" face.

    8. The "Eff this shit! I'm 'bout to get a relaxer" face.

    9. The "Let me regroup and call Tanya to see if she can do my box braids" face.

    10. The "Will I still look cute if I just big chop?" face.

    11. The "Biiiiiih, Bae just liked my pic" face.

    12. The "I'm newly natural and now I have to figure out how to do my hair all over again" face.

    13. The "Which one of these will help with shrinkage?" face.

    14. The "I can make a puff now!" face.

    15. The "It's humid outside but I have a protective style and my edges laid!" face.

    16. The "I just saw a complete stranger, but she's natural and I love her" face.

    17. The "Going natural was a struggle, but I'm never looking back because my hair is FLY AF!!!" face.