17 Faces That Perfectly Sum Up Every Black Girl’s Transition From Relaxed To Natural Hair

Should I big chop, or nah?

1. The “I’M GOING NATURAL!” face.

2. The “I just threw away all my leftover relaxer like a BOSS” face.

3. The “Oooh, I see a baby curl!” face.

It’s a baby hair, but still.

4. The “Well I was gonna make my own products, but uhhhhh…” face.

5. The “I can’t blend my roots with the rest of my hair” face.

6. The “How the hell do I even comb this?” face.

Three broken combs and two tired arms later.

7. The “I’m transitioning, stop asking me questions about my damn hair” face.

8. The “Eff this shit! I’m ‘bout to get a relaxer” face.

9. The “Let me regroup and call Tanya to see if she can do my box braids” face.

10. The “Will I still look cute if I just big chop?” face.

Be honest, y’all.

11. The “Biiiiiih, Bae just liked my pic” face.

#bigchop #teamnatural

12. The “I’m newly natural and now I have to figure out how to do my hair all over again” face.

13. The “Which one of these will help with shrinkage?” face.

14. The “I can make a puff now!” face.

15. The “It’s humid outside but I have a protective style and my edges laid!” face.

#teamoliveoiledgecontrol #teamnoworries

16. The “I just saw a complete stranger, but she’s natural and I love her” face.

I see you, sis!

17. The “Going natural was a struggle, but I’m never looking back because my hair is FLY AF!!!” face.

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