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    15 Things You Can Stop Saying To Black Girls With Long Hair

    "Are you mixed?"

    1. "Is all that yours?"

    Bankable Productions / Via


    2. "Are you sure?"

    Because I would totally forget if I had spent four hours sitting in the chair getting a sew-in.

    3. "How did you grow it?"

    4. "Are you mixed?" / Via

    So basically what you're saying is that there's no way that my blackness could ever grow such glory.

    5. "You got that good hair!"

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    And by "good" you meeean... ?

    6. "Who did your sew-in?"

    I love how you just assume it's a weave.

    7. "But it looks so healthy!"

    Should it look sick?

    8. "It looks like a wig." / Via

    What wig shops have YOU been shopping at?

    9. "How long did it take you to grow it like that?"

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    Is this the part where I make up some struggle hair story because you won't believe me if I just tell you that I've always had long hair?

    10. "Do you take hair growth supplements?"

    Do you feel the same need to ask non-black women with long hair this question?

    11. "But why does it look shorter when you wear it curly?"

    Shrinkage is real.

    12. "So why do you wear weaves?"

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    Didn't know they were exclusive to people with short hair.

    13. "My hair used to be past my butt, but my stylist broke it off." / Via

    It's not a competition.

    14. "Why don't you wear it down more often?" / Via

    And will you be sacrificing an hour of your morning to come do it for me?

    15. "You should relax it and wear it long and straight."

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    What Solange said.