15 Things You Can Stop Saying To Black Girls With Long Hair

    "Are you mixed?"

    1. "Is all that yours?"

    2. "Are you sure?"

    3. "How did you grow it?"

    4. "Are you mixed?"

    5. "You got that good hair!"

    6. "Who did your sew-in?"

    7. "But it looks so healthy!"

    8. "It looks like a wig."

    9. "How long did it take you to grow it like that?"

    10. "Do you take hair growth supplements?"

    11. "But why does it look shorter when you wear it curly?"

    Shrinkage is real.

    12. "So why do you wear weaves?"

    13. "My hair used to be past my butt, but my stylist broke it off."

    14. "Why don't you wear it down more often?"

    15. "You should relax it and wear it long and straight."