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    15 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To White People Than They Do To Black Women

    You gon' learn today.

    1. Scarf

    Twitter: @qweenpush

    English definition: What white people love to layer around their necks in the fall.

    Black girl definition: Any piece of fabric that will cover a black girl's hair at night.

    2. Laid

    @fiercelychocolate /

    English definition: The past tense of lay, another thing white people love, in which they sleep on beach chairs and let the sun bake their skin.

    Black girl definition: When your hair looks really, reeeally good. Or when your edges are living their best life.

    3. Wrap

    @etcblogmag /

    English definition: A food item in which bread rolls up to encase a lot of fixings.

    Black girl definition: Rihanna's hairstyle at the 2013 American Music Awards.

    4. Kitchen

    English definition: The room in your house where you cook stuff.

    Black girl definition: The hair at the nape of every black girl's neck.

    5. Relaxed

    English definition: When you're just chillin' and unbothered.

    Black girl definition: When your hair is straightened by a creamy chemical substance.

    6. Natural

    @riley_elle /

    English definition: Something that doesn't have bad stuff, like chemicals and hormones, in it.

    Black girl definition: When your hair isn't relaxed.

    *See definition of relaxed above.

    7. Press

    Twitter: @____kimmie

    English definition: To exert force against something.

    Black girl definition: To straighten your hair with a hot comb.

    8. Kinky

    @bambieface /

    English definition: When you like to do really sexy stuff.

    Black girl definition: When your hair texture has a naturally tight curl or coil.

    9. Weave

    @thehairicon /

    English definition: Overlapping and underlapping stuff to make really cool things.

    Black girl definition: Synthetic or human hair that is not your own, that you buy from the hair store and then attach to your head.

    10. Bundle

    @cremedelacreme /

    English definition: A bunch of something held together with a band or string.

    Black girl definition: Weave that you probably bought off Instagram.

    11. Dust

    English definition: To flick around lint and stuff that collects on all your shit.

    Black girl definition: To do individual two-strands and then trim the ends of each twist.

    12. Track

    English definition: A big round thing that healthy people run on.

    Black girl definition: A piece of weave that if not securely attached will fall out of your hair.

    13. Transitioning

    @devanhooper /

    English definition: When you go through some shit and everything changes.

    Black girl definition: When you stop getting relaxers and let your natural texture take over.

    14. Shrink

    @naturallytiss /

    English definition: When something is big and then it gets small.

    Black girl definition: When you wash your hair and then it dries and magically looks shorter than it is in real life.

    *Noun form is shrinkage.

    15. Stretch

    @jdthemodelofficial /

    English definition: When healthy people pull and elongate their body parts.

    Black girl definition: When you straighten or pull your shrinkage (see #14) to flex and show everyone how long your hair really is.

    Congratulations! You have just completed Black Girl Hair: 101.