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15 Celebrities Show What Their Real Hair Actually Looks Like Without Weave

They woke up like this.

1. Zendaya set her sandy mane free and then cut us with this razor-sharp face!

2. Taraji's luscious, thick hair just gave us a new set of life goals.

3. The Queen kept it all the way real with this pic of her "Hair braidin' on the porch."

4. Gabrielle Union wearing her natural hair... in a bikini... on a big-ass truck.

5. How The Godmother of Fierce looks when she takes out her tracks before bed.

6. Monica put her kitchen beautician skills to work in this #TBT and silked out her short natural for the gawds!

More recently she dyed it red and sent The Gram up in flames!

7. Sanaa is living perfection, and this weaveless blowout just raised our thirst to embarrassing levels.

8. Head Barb in Charge gave us life with this waist-long pony.

9. Brandy was kind enough to give us a glimpse of her glorious 'fro before chopping it all off.

10. Angela Simmons is out here snatchin' wigs and takin' names.

11. In proper fashion, Porsha Williams took a minute to stunt before weaving up her hair again.

12. In between her weave and Marley twists, Chrisette Michele posted this selfie of her pillowy hair on #washday.

Remember when she did this low top, tho, and we all lost our shit???

13. Tiny proves she's just as fly in her naturally curly bob as she is in her long, colorful weaves.

14. For a TV appearance, Sevyn let her mane breathe and rocked this sleeked back to perfection ponytail.

15. Blac Chyna's real hair is longer than most weaves, and we. are here. for. it!

Round of applause, ladies.