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Valentine’s Day…Everyday

Valentine’s Day…Why only the 14th February?

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So here’s the question I have found myself wondering in more recent years, why do people need the excuse of Valentine’s Day to show their love and affection for one another and feel the need to break the bank in the process?

Coming from someone who has been in a relationship for the last 9 months, the 14th of February isn’t really something I had thought about until recently. When I was younger it was all about getting the biggest bunch of flowers or the best gifts, nowadays I am grateful for just a cheesy card…you know the old saying, “it’s the thought that counts”.

What started me thinking about this was when I thought back to before Christmas and I walked into a high street card shop to see a whole selection of Valentines cards and “cheesy gifts” out for sale already! I mean who really wants a back scratcher with some sleazy slogan on it, and pay nearly £6 for it?

It does make me quite sad to think that this is the way our society works nowadays; it’s all about the money and how companies can capitalise on such days and events – when really why do we need the excuse of “Valentine’s Day” to do something nice or romantic for our partners?

In today’s society’s, people’s perception of other people’s private lives and relationships has almost taken over and with the likes of social media now taking over peoples everyday lives, you find a strong sense of competition amongst people.

who’s boyfriend/girlfriend bought the best and most expensive gifts?

What expensive restaurants did they take you too?

As cheesy as it sounds, I would appreciate flowers and chocolates on a random day of the year, rather than my boyfriend pay over inflated prices all because it is Valentine’s Day.

As cynical and negative as all this sounds, if you really think about it…why?

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