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7 Sneaky Exercises You Can Do Throughout The Day Without Even Trying

Say hello to the burrito curl.

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2. iPhone Lift Endurance Challenge

Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

While lying in bed, raise your phone half an arm's-length above you. Scroll through Tinder until your arms go numb and your phone falls on your face. Repeat until 3:00 a.m.


4. Reverse Bedtime Burpee

Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

Stand shoulder-width apart. Jump straight into the air. Land in a push-up position in your bed, then collapse. Recover for 7-9 hours.

5. Partial Sit-Ups With "Bachelorette" Hold

Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

Lie with a pillow behind your back. Raise your head slightly to see who gets the rose. Fall back down and prop another pillow behind you for better viewing.


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