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29 Turkish Snacks Everyone Should Know About

Our food groups include: chocolate, cake, cookies, hazelnuts, and pistachios.

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1. Ketchup Ruffles

Because why not? If you're feeling up to the challenge, you can buy in bulk here.

2. Ülker Chocolate Wafer

They're so good they're sold in packs of six. Get it here.

3. Cici Bebe Biscuits

These are actually biscuits for babies/toddlers, but adults eat them like, "I don't care." Available here.


5. Kinder Bueno

Actually—Kinder chocolate, in general. Get it here.

6. Cin Cookies

Orange jelly + chocolate sprinkles = bliss. Buy it here.

7. Ülker Milk Chocolate

No shame if you have more than one box. Buy it here.

8. Ülker Pistachio Chocolate

Pistachios. So many pistachios. Get it here.


9. Eti Biscuits

They go really well with Turkish tea—or "çay." Available here.

10. Rulokat

Mmm... Pirouettes. Get it here.

12. Çokomel

When a marshmallow loves chocolate very much, you get Çokomel.


13. Biskrem Cookies

You bite into it, and then CHOCOLATE. Lots and lots of chocolate. Available here.

14. Coco Star / Via

It's the Turkish Almond Joy. Available here.

15. Albeni

And the Turkish Twix. Get it here.

16. Tamek Fruit Juice

All hail sour cherry. Available here.


17. Çokonat / Via

Hazelnut-filled wafers covered in hazelnuts dipped in chocolate. Done. Buy it here.

18. Eti Puf

They're basically bite-sized Mallowmars, but with lots of sprinkles. Get it here.

19. Çokokrem

It's basically Nutella, but way, way better because it comes in tubes you can keep in your bag. You know, in case of emergencies. Available here.

20. Halley

Chocolate covered marshmallow patty. Yummy! Buy it here.


21. Dried Apricots / Via

Great for making compote. Available here.

22. Tadim Sunflower Seeds

One bag is never enough. Get it here.

23. Ülker Pretzel Sticks

They also come in a cheese flavor because, you know, cheese. Available here.


25. Hoşbeş Sour Cherry Wafers

Unlike any other wafer you've had before. It also comes in a delicious hazelnut flavor here.

26. Ece Chocolates

At the core of every chocolate is a hazelnut cream.

27. Tutku Cookies

Look at 'em. They're like pinwheels filled with chocolate. Fun. Available here.

29. Pizza Kraker

🍕Buy it here🍕