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27 Things All Outlet Retail Workers Know To Be True

School's out. Freak out.

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1. You begin your new job so full of hope.

Second day on the job...a customer asks where something is and I didn't know where it was so I tell her, "I hope you find it!" #RetailLife

2. And then a week later, you lose what's left of your sanity.

Last night when I was working a closing shift I said "thank you" out loud to a garment for not falling off the hanger. #RetailLife #okHollyn


6. And your blood boils when they do this:


11. But really, it looks like this:

15. Also, you've been shocked by watching people stock up on Coach bags during a winter storm rather than, say, basic necessities.


19. And you dread those extended hours because there goes your social life.

Close at 10pm. Scheduled until 11pm. Leave at midnight. #retaillife

20. You give zero fucks when a customer threatens to leave because the sale at the full-price store is better.


25. But a little piece of your soul dies every time because you know deep down that some of the stuff is just really, really poor quality.

27. But hey — it's all good, because at least you can read.


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