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    33 Gifts For Anyone Who F*cking Loves Science

    May the force be equal to mass times acceleration.

    1. This "I Love Lucy" t-shirt because everyone who majors in anthropology has a sense of humor.

    2. This Neil deGrasse Tyson print because he's everyone's hero.

    3. This Bill Nye prayer candle because he deserves that kind of respect.

    4. These solar system plates for a stellar dining experience.

    5. This "Inside the Plant Cell" print for when they just can't reach their microscope.

    6. This Lyra wall decal so you can say you gave them a couple of stars.

    7. This anatomically correct skeleton with posable joints because that's just more fun.

    8. Or this anatomical snap-together kit, which they'll want to put together right away.

    9. This "Earth Sucks" pin set for that someone who's got a little bit of Mulder in 'em.

    10. This Charles Darwin card for when you need to express some ~romantic~ feelings.

    11. This "Women in Science" print because, you know, science and feminism.

    12. Speaking of women in science, don't forget this book for their little one.

    13. This Solar System bracelet, which is out of this world.

    14. Or this meteorite fragment necklace.

    15. These Big Dipper/Little Dipper couples t-shirts because Big Spoon/Little Spoon is so overrated.

    16. This t-shirt because atoms are super funny.

    17. This Field Notes Kit because they can never have "too much" graph paper.

    18. A subscription to National Geographic Magazine.

    Available here.

    19. Or Wired.

    Available here.

    20. This documentary on Stephen Hawking because, you know, Stephen Hawking.

    21. How about a terrarium?

    22. These Einstein earrings because why not?

    23. This Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy t-shirt because it's their favorite book.

    24. This caffeine molecule necklace for the all-nighter.

    25. Or a personalized periodic table necklace because they worship these elements.

    26. This iPhone case, which speaks for itself.

    27. This dino cookie cutter set because who doesn't love dinosaurs?

    28. These Petra and Cairo prints to remind them where they've been, what they've seen and studied.

    Available here and here.

    29. Or a proper world map so they can literally pin the different places they've visited.

    30. These evolution prints so they can decorate their walls some more.

    31. This chalkboard skull because notepads are so lame.

    32. This tote from Evolution, which is basically a happy place for them.

    33. And finally, this Pour-ganic Chemistry wine glass so they can celebrate Friday properly.