16 Reasons Those Day Of The Dead Skeletons Have The Best Lives

They may be dead, but they have the time of their lives. Pick up some Espolón Tequila and celebrate the season with the best holiday mascots ever.

1. They jive with every stranger at the bar.

Paul and Jill / Via Flickr: pauljill

Many people celebrate Day of the Dead by drinking the favorite drinks of their deceased loved ones. Skeletons celebrate this way all the time.

2. They slow dance with all the cute honeys.

SheltieBoy / Via Flickr: psyberartist

Don’t worry. They won’t get handsy.

3. They style their hair however they want.

Getty Images / Tim Boyle

Just a little holiday haircut.

4. They play their bones like flutes.

Into the music-skeleton-art scene? Check out artist Carlos Hernandez’s collection of Day of the Dead Rock Stars.

5. They put flowers in their hair and dance like they just don’t care.

Stacey Angelillo / Via staceyangelillo.tumblr.com

Flower power.

6. They can always pull off a good cowboy hat.

Ed Schipul / Via Flickr: eschipul

And it’s never even ironic.

7. They paint in their free time but don’t make a big deal out of it.

Paul and Jill / Via Flickr: pauljill

Art galleries like San Francisco’s legendary Galería de la Raza offer Day of the Dead-themed art classes (for the living).

8. They run the railroads like badass pirates.

Museo de Arte Popular / Via en.wikipedia.org

Holidays are a big time for travel.

9. They fall in love and don’t look back.

“‘Til death do us part. And then after too.”

10. They ride chariots to help limit fossil fuel emissions.

Willow&Monk / Via Flickr: willow-monk

One of the largest Day of the Dead processions takes place in San Francisco’s Garfield Park.

11. They have the best Day of the Dead anecdotes and always make their friends laugh.

psyberartist / Via Flickr: psyberartist

“…So then! So then, get this!”

12. They make breakfast and don’t allow anyone to sleep through it.

Mr. T in DC / Via Flickr: mr_t_in_dc

Often baked in the shape of bones, one popular holiday treat is Pan de Muertos (Bread of the Dead).

13. They have real-life impersonators.


One of the most well-known Day of the Dead traditions is calavera makeup art.

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