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The Good Catholic Isn't Your Average Faith Based Film

The new faith based story from Paul Shoulberg and Pigasus Pictures breaks the mold on your typical Faith-based film.

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The Good Catholic is not your typical bible thumping, preachy religious film. It's a story of love and kindness and an atypical romantic comedy with an appeal that has the ability to go beyond the "christian" audience.

Father Daniel (Zachary Spicer) is the youngest of three clergymen ministering to a Bloomington, Indiana parish. Father Victor (Danny Glover), who is a longtime friend of his dad’s, guides the young Daniel in the ways of conducting service, counsels parishioners and presides over other religious ceremonies. Daniel is then stuck in a late shift to keep the small town's church open for confession when a young woman rushes into his confessional and awkwardly speaks with him about her private thoughts.

The next time she turns up, she introduces herself as Jane and admits that she doesn't have much experience with confession. Their friendship begins to develop and Father Victor starts noticing changes in Daniel's behavior. Franciscan friar Ollie (John C. McGinley), warns Father Victor to not get involved, but as the elder of the parish, Victor feels obligated to provide his guidance. With all these extenuating factors young Daniel is faced with one question. "What is your passion?"

The film is a slice of director/writer Paul Shoulberg's life. As the son of a former priest, he tells the true romantic tale of two people from different worlds who discover each other and themselves in the most unlikely of situations. His dad, was a former clergy man and his mother was a former nun. In this story, Daniel (Spicer) is the young priest who is entranced by Jane (Schmidt) who is a member of the town's congregation. The story is fantastic and only a person who is well connected to it, can flesh it out in full detail, giving the life it needs to attract the talent it deserves.

The writing attracted the likes of veteran actors Danny Glover and John C. McGinley who have great range and impeccable comedic timing. They are able to capture two sides of the spectrum that are always clashing in religious doctrine; the letter of the law in its strict and inflexible interpretation and the spirit of the law that is flexible with our human charateristics. Both outcomes in following these specific interpretations of doctrine are the same, but the approaches are different.

Watching the trailer you get a sense of Daniel's journey through a new chapter in his life and we can only imagine what the outcome would be. There are fantastic performances by all four cast members including Father Ollie's uplifting homily and Daniel's balancing and soul searching between what is truly his calling.

The Good Catholic is released in theaters and on digital September the 8th. For more information on the film and theaters go to

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