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    Have You Heard About #blackhogwarts?

    With all of us getting hyped for Black Panther (most pre-sale tickets every sold for a Marvel movie) the celebration of black culture has migrated to another amazingly nerdy franchise. Black Harry Potter fans put their twist on the magical classic!

    1. The undercover Hufflepuff queen.

    #BlackHogwarts “Girl what you wearing to the Yule Ball?” Me a hufflepuff: Oh nothing too fancy. *At the Yule Ball*

    @Tinytay19 / Via twitter

    2. Like the Fat Lady sings, do they rap out loud?

    The portraits in Hogwarts be like #BlackHogwarts

    @PUSHABRI / Via twitter

    3. Shout out to that woke Ravenclaw.

    When professor Snape tries to skip over slavery in your history of Muggles class #BlackHogwarts

    @MrMarcus260 / Via twitter

    Even though we all know it would be taught by Professor Binns...

    4. Okay ladies now let's say incantations!

    @JazzyJnycFinest / Via twitter

    5. Top it off with some 'essence of newt' for a little shine.

    Me after stealing potions for my DIY deep treatment masks from Professor Slughorn class #BlackHogwarts

    @go_gina_go_gina / Via twitter

    6. Can't be walkin up to your new house with messed up waves!

    When you put your durag on so the sorting hat doesn’t mess up your waves. #BlackHogwarts

    @TheBrozGQ / Via twitter

    7. Ya nasty...

    When The divination teacher is Raven Baxter #BlackHogwarts

    @OWbert_Ein5tein / Via twitter

    8. High Inquisitor my a**...

    @DreadzNFreckles / Via twitter

    9. Detention for 1 please!?

    When you find the real reason why the Forbidden Forest is off limits to students #BlackHogwarts

    @MochaLani / Via twitter

    10. Ravenclaw reppin

    The Sorting Hat said it best about my Ravenclaw house: " wise old Ravenclaw, If you've a ready mind, Where th…

    @eileenmjames / Via twitter

    11. "Herbology was so popular this semester that you've been waitlisted..."

    @bekazau / Via twitter

    12. Try callin someone a "Mudblood", I dare you...

    Malfoy: You are muggle born!? Not even pure blood? Me: #BlackHogwarts

    @Aries_Caidoz / Via twitter

    13. And again...

    Draco: Mudbloods shouldn't be here at Hogwarts. Hermione: #BlackHogwarts

    @generalsz21 / Via twitter

    14. ...and again

    When anyone calls you a mudblood #BlackHogwarts

    15. There's a new Seamus in town

    Me messing up in potions class #BlackHogwarts


    16. Our ghosts have seen some things

    Biggie, Pac, Aaliyah, Left Eye & Bob Marley Are The Coolest Ghosts To Roam The Halls. Don't @ Me. #BlackHogwarts

    @_gyptianking / Via twitter

    17. Look out Gryffindor, there's a new lion in town!

    How girls be showing up to the first day of class after being sorted into Gryffindor #BlackHogwarts

    @ANSTYLEdotCOM / Via twitter

    18. Battle Royale!

    Pulling up to the Ravenclaw vs Slytherin quidditch game like #BlackHogwarts

    @AshGoesRawr / Via twitter

    19. Quidditch is a whole new ball game!

    The halftime shows at the quidditch matches be too lit #BlackHogwarts

    @ANSTYLEdotCOM / Via twitter

    20. Sorting Hat Debates

    Sorting Hat: Slytherin Me: You mean Gryffindor!? Sorting Hat: No Slytherin! Me: #BlackHogwarts

    @kylegavine / Via twitter

    21. Tryin to hide from the howler your momma sent

    🗣I don't care WHAT they doin at Hogwarts. You MY child! #BlackHogwarts

    @CousinsWatchTV / Via twitter

    22. And your friends have to hear it too

    When the homie get a howler #BlackHogwarts

    @AllBadArthur / Via twitter

    23. Trans-figuration

    Welcome to Advanced Transfiguration, second years. #BlackHogwarts

    @fantasticboyage / Via twitter

    24. They don't call him "Mad-eye" for nothin

    None other than Alastor Moody aka Mad Eye Moody #BlackHogwarts

    @travkeys / Via twitter

    25. Throwin shade would cause a class eruption

    Snape: Do you remember me telling you we are practicing non-verbal spells, Potter? Harry: yes Snape: Yes, SIR Ha…

    26. Slytherin represent!

    Them Slytherin girls✨ #BlackHogwarts

    @Tzenaaa / Via twitter

    27. Momma Minerva is EVERYTHING!

    28. Representation matters!

    #BlackHogwarts is just ANOTHER example of why inclusion matters. We’re reading, watching, fanning, and repping our Houses too!!

    @Schaelove / Via twitter

    29. We love nerdy stuff too!

    When u black and been a harry potter fan since forever and wake up and see #BlackHogwarts trending

    @janayloves / Via twitter

    30. Head on over to twitter & be sure to comment below with your favorites!

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