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17 Painfully Awkward Moments From The Senior Year Job Hunt

It's freshman orientation — for life. Stay ahead of your campus' rat race by launching your career with EY.

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1. When you realize everyone in your graduating class is going after the same jobs. / Via

Let the games begin.

2. And when you run into one of them at an interview.

"Oh, you too! Haha. Us."

3. When you're asked about the skills on your résumé, and you play it cool, as if you have them. / Via

"I'm DEFINITELY experienced in Excel."

4. When you have to describe that "internship" in which you literally. did. nothing.


"Oh, I worked remotely. On... initiatives."

5. When you choose your professionally edgy (yet sophisticated) LinkedIn profile photo.

A near impossible challenge.
Ryan Hynes / BuzzFeed

A near impossible challenge.

6. When that one friend who hasn't done anything for four years starts to wear suits to school.


You want a job. We get it.

7. Or when you overdress for an interview and feel like a fool.


Dress for the job you want. In 2014.

8. When every single person on campus suddenly has a job, and they're all besties because of it.


Ah, the chosen ones.

9. When your eager parents start telling you about all their friends "in the biz."


10. When your friend chooses an ~alternative~ path.

Adult Swim / Via

Into the Wild, anyone?

11. When you and the significant other have the "what's next?" talk.

FOX / Via

Everyone's had some senior year breakup drama.

12. When you reach out to a friend from high school because you heard they have a good job opportunity.

13. When you realize everything you've ever done was for a student group, and you freak out. / Via

You have to start somewhere!

14. When you have a meltdown because you literally cannot get the edges of your résumé to line up at all. / Via


15. When your career counselor tries to calm you down by saying "this is only the first step."

16. When you feel the need to send a follow-up email because you don't trust the online submission process AT ALL.

College Humor / Via

"How do I know they got it? HOW DO I KNOW?!"

17. And when you finally get that job and don't know how to be cool about how proud you are. / Via

Pro tip: Complete the high-five before the chest bump.