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16 Ways Picking An Internship Is Like Online Dating

Hey, it's kinda difficult out there. Seek a better way at EY.

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1. Making yourself seem desirable feels super awkward.

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2. Writing a short bio is the ~greatest~ literary challenge.

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3. It can be tough to know who is 💯.

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4. (Seriously. What's real?)

5. Gah! And all your friends seem to have it together...

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6. ...and you're just overwhelmed.

7. So you just tell a bunch of companies that you like them.


8. And prepare yourself for rejection.

9. Thirty-nine million days go by.

10. You read lots of messages with "Thank you for applying, but..."

11. Wait? Huh. Hey! Someone actually wants to meet you.

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12. You tell yourself, "Try not to look desperate."

13. "Just, like, play it cool."

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14. "Act like an adult."

15. And by some miracle, they like you, too!

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16. And then the real work starts.

Start by asking better questions. The better the question. The better the answer. The better the world works. Only you can unlock new perspectives on your future. Seek a better way at EY.