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6 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Tanzania

Different countries have different amazing things. Do you know about Tanzania? This is a beautiful country located in East Africa. In every year, so many tourists come to visit this place. As a traveler, there are different things you can do in Tanzania. You should visit this place because there is nothing to manage yourself about the tour. There are different Tanzania private safari tours available which you can take for your journey. However, there are several things I can say about Tanzania which will attract you. Here I am sharing 6 amazing facts about Tanzania.

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1. Most Precious Tree

There are different trees in the world to make wood. Some of them are high priced, and some of them are very cheap. But have your ever though the most valuable Mpingo trees? Only in few countries, this tree is available. Tanzania is one of them where you will find this tree. It’s used to make excellent music instruments and elegant furniture.

2. Music Taste / Via

You will not understand about their music taste from the outside. But they have some specific music choices for parties and other functions. Most of the people don’t know that people of Tanzania love the hip hop music a lot. They like to listen to blues, rasta and dancehall with local musical traditions.

3. Different Tribes

There are almost 130 tribes are living in Tanzania. If a tribe has their way. Each of them is culturally eminent by their unique hand-woven baskets, masks, poetry, batiks, items carved out of ebony or rosewood, etc. There are few countries have so many tribes like Tanzania.

4. Wild World / Via

Tanzania has different wild animals. The Ngorongoro Crater is home to the world’s densest population of wildebeest, hippopotamus, lions, elephants, zebra, leopards, rhinoceros, and hyenas. There are about 25,000 animals in the crater of just 100 square miles. That means there are 250 animals per mile are living here.

5. Borders of Different Countries

In this east African country, there is seven country’s border. Countries that have a border with Tanzania are Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Malawi Zambia, and Mozambique. There are very few countries in the world have so many neighbor countries like Tanzania.

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