Erin Walsh

Erin Walsh Erin Walsh is the Director of Public Relations for Boost Software. She really enjoys her job but sometimes she really just wants to let loose. Buzzfeed is her attempt to color within the lines and still have fun.
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  • USB Drives—The Ultimate Geek Toolbox

    Most people, when they think of USB Drives, they think of them as being a handy place to store their files—their documents, maybe some songs, pictures and the like. Kind of like how the 3.5 floppies and ZIP drives from the days of yore—but on steroids and gamma rays. Let’s stop and think a minute—steroids and gamma rays, you say? Yes, there’s a whole world of potential with USBs and it could make you wonder why you carry around a laptop or even a netbook.

  • 5 Windows Errors Messages We’d Like To See

    Windows errors are the bane of every regular computer-user’s existence. To tell the truth, even experienced PC technicians have a hard time with them as well. Problems like “DVD Drive Not Found” and “iPhone Won’t Sync” are annoying and frustrating—and they’re probably not going away any time soon. Maybe someday Windows error messages will be a thing of the past. Until then, are 5 enjoyable messages that we can hope to see someday.

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