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Transform An Old Cleaning Wipe Container Into A Household Hero

So eco-chic.

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1. Remove the lid from an empty cleaning wipe container. Place ball of yarn or string inside.

2. Thread end through the hole in the lid; use the container to store and keep cord from tangling.


Empty cleaning wipe container

Duct tape (optional)

Plastic shopping bag



1. Remove lid from an empty cleaning wipe container. Cover with duct tape, if desired.

2. Place a plastic shopping bag inside of the container, leaving the handles of the bag outside.

3. Press the lid back on the container to hold the bag in place; knot the handles to create a loop.

4. Hang the trash can from the back of a seat using the loop and headrest. Remove plastic bag and throw away when full. Replace with another fresh shopping bag.


1. Cover an empty cleaning wipe container with marble contact paper.

2. Add a toilet brush to the container and store in your bathroom.

Tip: Leave a little extra cleaning solution in the bottom of the container for bonus cleaning power!



1. Clean an empty cleaning wipe container very well. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely.

2. Cover the outside of the container with chalkboard paint; let dry.

3. Write a message on the container with chalk.

4. Add tightly wrapped sandwiches and other wrapped items to protect them from being squished in your bag.

Tip: Rough up the surface of the container with sandpaper before painting to make sure the paint sticks.

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