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This Easy DIY Coloring Book Costume Is Perfect For Halloween Parties

By the end of the night, you’ll be a masterpiece.

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White foam boards
Pen or screwdriver

Yarn or rope


Permanent marker
Dry erase self-adhesive roll (optional)

Plain headbands
Hot glue gun
Assorted markers

Dry erase markers
Empty cleaning wipe container


1. Line up foam boards and poke two holes through the top using a pen or screwdriver.

2. Thread yarn through the holes and knot to secure. Cover knots with tape, if desired.

3. Use a permanent marker to draw a coloring book outline or other activity board. For an erasable design, cover the foam boards with dry erase self-adhesive paper.

4. Put headbands on a flat surface. Hot glue markers, cap down, onto the headband. Add extra glue around the edges to secure.

5. Have friends use the regular or dry erase markers to interact with your activity book costumes!

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