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    This Crazy Science Experiment Makes Leaves Completely See-Through

    Creepy or beautiful?

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    With a few simple steps, you can basically turns leaves into White Walkers...

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    Here's how you do it...

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    Assorted leaves


    5 cups water

    1 cup washing soda

    Slotted spoon

    Stovetop or hot plate



    Paper towel

    Bleach (optional)

    Acrylic frame (optional)


    1. Put leaves in a saucepan. Add water and washing soda; stir until dissolved.

    2. Bring water to boiling on stovetop or hot plate. Simmer 30 minutes or more until the leaves are soft (you may need to experiment to find the ideal cook time for your leaves since each kind is different).

    3. Remove leaf from solution using a slotted spoon and rinse off in a bowl of fresh water.

    4. Wearing gloves, dry off the leaves and gently rub with paper towel until pulp is removed. Rinse again in fresh water, if needed.

    5. If you’d like, soak the leaves in bleach to whiten. Rinse in water before displaying. Let dry.

    6. Once dry, put leaf in an acrylic frame, if desired.

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