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    Aug 17, 2016

    This BFF Jewelry Organizer Shows Off Your Favorite Pins

    And your bestie's, too.

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    What you need:

    · 2 wide-edge frames (that stand on their own)

    · 1 woven placemat

    · Marker

    · Scissors

    · Super glue

    · Painter’s tape

    · Red paint

    · Paintbrush

    · White paint

    · Enamel pins and earrings


    1. Remove the back and glass from the frames.

    2. Trace the glass insert on a woven placemat using a marker 2 times. Cut out the pieces using scissors.

    3. Cover the inside edges of the frames with glue and add the placemat pieces; let dry completely.

    4. With the frames together, paint a red heart that’s divided between the two frames; let dry completely. Paint “BEST FRIENDS” or another message in white paint, dividing the letters between the frames; let dry.

    5. Add pins and earrings, pressing the post through the front of the placemat and securing with the earring or pin back from behind.

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